The family friendly festival right in the heart of Crowborough

high-street-1780We’re delighted to welcome you to the first Crowborough Community Festival celebrating its landscape and cultural heritage with events to appeal to all ages throughout the month of May 2017.

Crowborough folk appreciate its unique position on ‘Top of the Weald’ and delight in the special beauty of the Ashdown Forest as well as the wonderful green spaces around the town. This gives Crowborough a unique appeal attracting not only those who enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle but writers and artists who have been inspired by the beauty of the surrounding countryside.trees-2016_09_22-10_31_52-utc

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was one such writer who moved to Crowborough in 1907 and lived in the town for over 23 years. Whilst living at Windlesham Manor, Conan Doyle wrote his most famous adventure story The Lost World, an exciting tale of exploration, danger,  dinosaurs and survival.

It was said that a fossilised footprint of an Iguanodon, found in a quarry near his home  fired Conan Doyle’s imagination and The Lost World was the result. lost-world2-2016_09_22-10_31_52-utc True or not, The Lost World became a worldwide success and generations have continued to be enthralled by dinosaurs. All the family will be able to enjoy their very own Lost World experience as the Crowborough Community Festival kicks off on Monday 1 May.

Sherlock Holmes, another creation from Conan Doyle’s creative mind will be making several appearances during the festival – look out for him as he investigates the strange case of the missing heiress. Clues no doubt will be found in the strangest places.

Sherlock Homes

We hope all Crowborough residents will get behind the festival and support the varied events on offer and do their bit to establish it as an exciting and fun addition to the cultural life of the town.

Creative ideas or suggestions for new events are always welcome. And if you would like to volunteer click on the Support page