Monday 1st May (Bank Holiday)

Jump on the Big Red Bus

Why not let the bus take the strain? As a special treat a vintage red bus will operate a shuttle service between Crowborough Station – up Crowborough Hill to town centre – then on to Goldsmith Grounds. The bus will also¬†drop down to St Johns near the Primary School car park before turning back up to Goldsmiths. This is a FREE service and great fun for the kids to enjoy the view from the upper deck. There is no timetable so it’s pot luck but it might be worth the wait and less hassle than taking the car and finding parking which will probably be tight! This is a first time event, so we have no way of knowing how many will turn out on the day and our varied English weather will have its part to play too of course. In any case we hope the residents of Crowborough will come out and discover The Lost World.

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