Monday 1 May (Bank Holiday)

Take the Vintage Bus to Lost World

You really don’t need to drive to Goldsmith Recreation Ground when you can walk from the town centre or jump on the FREE shuttle bus service being provided. Approximately every hour on the hour to leave the Railway Station to get to the grounds (via St John’s) and every hour on the half hour to leave Goldsmiths (via St John’s) to get to Crowborough station. Stopping at all bus stops. Timing is approximate and subject to traffic. 

The Red Double decker will be easy to spot as it winds its way from Crowborough Station for those coming from Jarvis brook, then up the hill, where it will stop a couple times. Onwards to the town centre, and a stop at the national bus stop just after Croft Road on the High Street. Forward to the Lights at Crowborough Cross, over the A26 and down to St Johns stopping near the Primary School. Here it will turn and come back up to the traffic lights before heading left to Goldsmiths. The children will love it!

Parking your car at Goldsmiths will not be an easy ride as spaces are limited and as a public area on a Bank Holiday, there will be no official parking stewards on hand. Volunteers will be on hand to help but even they cannot perform miracles!

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