Monday 1 May (Bank Holiday)

The Lost World Fun Day

The Lost World Facebook LinkA Family Fun Day


Time: From 11am

lost-world-cliffSir Arthur Conan Doyle, lived in Crowborough from 1907 until he died in 1930. During his time at his home, Windlesham  on Hurtis Hill, he wrote and published his most famous adventure story, The Lost World.

This book tells of a hidden world, high on a seemingly inaccessible and hostile plateau, populated by prehistoric tribespeople and yes even dinosaurs, was to become a classic igniting and stimulating the imagination of countless generations.

On Monday 1st May come along and experience some of the action in a fun-filled day of live entertainment, survival demonstrations, exhibitions, kid’s workshops and more. Entry is FREE but pre- booking for the Dinosaur Roar Workshop must be pre-booked in advance.

The Iguanodon Restaurant

Outdoor Theatre Performance

Igunaodon Restaurant performersThe Iguanodon Restaurant is an outdoor theatre performance for families inspired by a famous banqueting scene in a 35-foot Victorian iguanodon. Highly visual, funny, peculiar, we bring you a 35 minute hilarious romp through 60 years of history and scientific discovery.

The story focuses on famous fossil discoveries and the birth of geology. Travelling at rollicking speed from Lyme Regis in 1812 through the Kent and Sussex Weald before arriving, breathless, at Crystal Palace Park in 1853. The show inspires audiences in their geological landscape, and local and national history, and it draws attention to the importance of fossils and how they transcended from curious charms to the embodiment of prehistoric life.

As the story unfolds eccentric characters emerge from history. They compete for fame, laying claim to the biggest and oldest dinosaur bones. They raised shocking new questions: How come these creatures no longer exist? And, what does this tell us about the world we live in? Blancmanges spin and pigeons fly from pies in The Iguanodon Restaurant…



Dinosaur Roar Children’s Workshop

Suitable for children aged from 5 years 

Times: 11:30am & 2:00pm

Book the 11:30am Workshop:
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Limited places so booking will be essential

   Pop up dinosaur, monster or bug workshops!
These are really popular, incredibly creative and great fun!
The children are shown Paul Stickland’s pop up books, such as Truck Jam and Big Dig, Dinosaurs Galore and Big Bug Little Bug, including his early ideas, sketches, roughs and mistakes. The children are then shown how to make a simple pop up dinosaur mouth or pop up bug. They then create their own amazing pop up dinosaur mouths or pop up bugs! If we have time they are encouraged to take the ideas further, to decorate and embellish their creations. The results are usually incredible, The workshops usually last about 45 minutes – longer if creativity flowing!



Dinosaur competitiondinosaur-fun-day


Lost World Competition for 7-11 year olds.

If dinosaurs still roamed how would they have adapted to live in Crowborough?

Design a 3D model of a modern day dinosaur and win a day at Wilderness Wood with your own woodland glade, fire-pit and grill to BBQ on.

Competition entries will be judged on the day by Dinosaur Roar author Paul Stickland.

To enter the competition, design and make a model dinosaur and bring it along to the Lost World Family Fun Day on 1 May.

Please bring models by 11.15am to the Dinosaur Roar Workshop tent. Models can be any scale. Please label with name, age and phone number. Prize-giving will take place at 12.45pm. Models can be removed after 1.15pm.

A Climbing Challenge

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous adventure story The Lost World, Professor Challenger and his companions must scale a sheer cliff face to reach their mysterious destination. Can you rise to the challenge?

“That night we pitched our camp immediately under the cliff–a most wild and desolate spot. The crags above us were not merely perpendicular, but curved outwards at the top, so that ascent was out of the question. Close to us was the high thin pinnacle of rock which I believe I mentioned earlier in this narrative. It is like a broad red church spire, the top of it being level with the plateau, but a great chasm gaping between. On the summit of it there grew one high tree. Both pinnacle and cliff were comparatively low–some five or six hundred feet, I should think. “It was on that,” said Professor Challenger, pointing to this tree, “that the pterodactyl was perched.

prof-challenger I climbed half-way up the rock before I shot him. I am inclined to think that a good mountaineer like myself could ascend the rock to the top, though he would, of course, be no nearer to the plateau when he had done so.” As Challenger spoke of his pterodactyl I glanced at Professor Summerlee, and for the first time I seemed to see some signs of a dawning credulity and repentance. There was no sneer upon his thin lips, but, on the contrary, a grey, drawn look of excitement and amazement. Challenger saw it, too, and revelled in the first taste of victory”

Wilderness Crafts
How to survive in the great outdoors


“Have you ever wondered how you could survive without the surroundings of the modern world”

Take the first step to relearning the lost wisdom of your ancestors. The skills and knowledge that will reconnect you to your environment are outside your front door, you just need to know where to look.

         OR simply try your survival skills on the 55ft EXTREME ASSAULT COURSE!! 







Music @ The Lost World

May Day May Day

The Ashdown Forest Morris Men

Time: 11.30 am











Noble Jacks Duo

Noble Jacks Duo

Open Stage Live Set x 2

Foot Stomping, rip-roaring sets from popular alt-folk band.

Times: 12 noon and 4pm


Bloco Fogo Samba Band

Time: 2pm


Amazing rhythms and infectious energy combined to create

a fiery show of colour, sound and movement.




Go Wild – FACE PAINTING  All Day

Food & Drink @ The Lost World

Before setting out to find the Lost World, Conan Doyle’s intrepid adventurers had to ensure their stamina was up to the challenge.

That’s why you’ll find an exciting range of street food and pop-up bars offering everything from the exotic to traditional fare. Experience the taste… experience something new and experience the Lost World. 

To find out more and book a food or drink pitch contact:



Harvey’s Brewery will be supplying the beer whilst their magnificent dray shire horses look on!















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